End Of The World (Order) As We Know It...

So when does a “world order” become less stable, until it is eventually a disorder? When there are two major super powers that essentially engage in a stalemate, the chances of disorder seem ever present, but unlikely. Such as the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The two powers dominated the global arena, along with each sides allies.

When that world order becomes fragmented between multiple players, each with their own niche agenda, then does the risk of chaos increase? And the growing power of fragmented groups that are not necessarily aligned with a state. At least now one on existing maps.

We keep shifting towards the latter, as the US alliances run the risk of splintering further with a Trump Presidency. Growing of China and a still strong, and antagonistic Russia. It should be noted that those two countries are not in an alliance.

India’s growing importance is a positive, but there is the always present threat of a war with Pakistan. Nationalistic calls in Europe, with the Brexit vote, and the dim echoes of the most nationalist of all European countries, Germany.

North Korea, a rogue country intent on building, and possibly using, a nuclear weapon. A radical movement, ISIS, that isn’t tied to a specific nation, but through propaganda can cause misery across the globe.

Not to mention the many splintered alliances and groups. The world just got a whole lot more interesting…