"Inspiration Doesn't Come Looking For You"

I heard a great quote from Matty Healy, lead singer of the band The 1975. It went something like this:

Brilliant Eno thing “Inspiration doesn’t come looking for you”
You can’t jut sit there and expect something to happen. It’s after an hour and a half playing with the same sound when you move the [needle] a tiny bit, then you some happens and you say, that’s interesting.

I have to get the full quote. It was on NPR, All Songs Considered.

But that is so true. Inspiration usually comes after hours, days and months of drudge work. Progress is rarely linear after the initial stages. It is in fits & starts, with a lot of what seems like wasted effort. But it really isn’t waste. Yes, you can call it that after success has been achieved, but that is only in hindsight. That work is really building a foundation of general knowledge and tracking a lead to a conclusion, even if it is a dead end. Without that work, it is unlikely that success would have been achieved.

A "No" Vote

Can we have a “No” vote? Our process is that we cast a vote for the person we want. Can we also have a “No” vote that goes along with that. I know many people who are anti-Trump, but are not fond of Hillary and won’t to vote for an alternative candidate. I would consider myself in that category. We are under no illusions that an alternative candidate would win, but we want our voice heard on our dissatisfaction of the current political powers that be, basically the DNC and GOP. But we do not want Trump as President, because we feel he could be very dangerous. So it feels like we have a gun to our head, vote Hillary, or you could end up with Trump. Again, the lessor of the two evils. The only problem with that, is if you keep choosing the lessor of the two evils, you still end up in a bad place, just maybe not as quickly.

So, what if we had a “No” vote. I vote for the alternative, and cast a “No” for Trump. In the case of 3 major vote getters, it could occur that none would have a majority (>50%). Then we rule out the person who had more that 50% of the no vote. That way we can prevent a person that the majority of the country does not want in office (in this election I think that would be Trump)

I am sure there are things I am missing with this idea, but it looking for a better voting process might be worthwhile.