Real vs. "E"

Books…the Real vs. E?

So in the previous post, I showed a picture of some books I purchased. Real ones, not the “E” version. I do have a Kindle, which I enjoy greatly, but for some reason, real books still hold an appeal. Of course when I got the books home I realized I had to have a place to put them. They typical cost more, in absolute dollars and I am pretty sure their is a greater environmental impact. But there is something about real books. The cover design, the feel of the paper, the art that is captured, something a Kindle can’t duplicate. The heft can be dual edged sword, since many times I want to carry the book with me on my commute, so a large book is inconvenient. Though sometimes it is nice to have a … tome, so to speak.

So, what are the decision points where I would buy a real book? I’ve narrowed it down to these:

  1. The book (the real one) has to have some artistic value relative to its “E” version. It could be the cover design, that I would want to display, or the photos/illustrations/art contained therein. Definitely something that sets it apart from the “E” version.
  2. Most likely it will be something I want to keep. Not all cases though. If I find a book cheaper than the “E” option, I would get that and if I didn’t want to keep it, I would give it away. The book could be a signed edition from an author.
  3. It is something I would refer to often. This is close to my first point, but is different. The difference is best explained by an example. Say a cookbook versus a singed copy of one of my favorite novels.
  4. I like to support independent bookstores. I am finding that they are offering a more varied selection. Things that I would not normally have found. They also seem to be more active in the writing community, holding events for authors and workshops. I have not argument with Amazon and its Kindle, but sometimes its nice to go through a real bookshop surrounded by people, customers and staff, that have a similar love to books as you. There is value to community.

I am sure there are other reasons, but I can’t think of anymore at the moment. I have some books to read. Which means reviews to write!