June 2016

Make Them Count

“Don't count the days, make the days count” by Muhammed Ali.

I like this quote. I guess as I get older, I have a greater appreciation of time and the value of it.

Deep Work

A new term is making its way around the blog-a-sphere..”deep work” My interpretation of it is a long block of uninterrupted time where you are concentrating/working on one specific task. Basically this allows you to focus. and perhaps get into the flow, so to speak. In today’s society, deep work might be considered 15 minutes, or this blog. Of course I jest, but after sitting through work today with phone calls, questions from others, email and the damn instant messaging system, 15 minutes is about as deep as I can get before the next interruption. I wonder if I could even concentrate for an hour sans interruptions.

As an aside, the instant messaging system at work is called “Lync”. I keep thinking of Lynx, the wild feline predator. In Lync’s case, it has rabies and has attached itself to your brain.

Also, I had an awesome thought today. At least I thought it was. I can’t remember it now. Perhaps I lost it in the deep end.